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So far, not much has happened and everything feels like a blur because once all the villagers move in, progression starts feeling like a mish-mash of different things than an actual linear progression. However, I will note some small moments that actually did matter:

Birthday Event

Today is my birthday FYI and this is probably main highlight considering I can't celebrate it due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When I opened up the game, villagers started saying happy birthday to be and I legit started crying because it was like the cutest fucking thing ever. One of my villagers took me to her house and had a suprize birthday party along with Buck and Egbert and it was sooo cute!


In New Horizons, there's a campsite in game that can be unlocked and can be used to attract villagers to move in to your town. It can be also used to summon villagers using Amiibo cards, which is what I did. I managed to get Carmen into my town by making her camp into my town three times and making stuff before she moved. Right now, I am currently trying to get Apollo to move into my village, which leads me to my next point...

Island Rating and Neighborhoods

I decided that my Island would be split into 3 neighborhoods each with a different theme: A seaside theme (3 houses), a Japanese-themed neighbrohood (4 houses), and a mountain/rustic themed neighborhood (2 houses, not yet built). The reason why the last neighrbhood hasn't been built yet is because I need to unlock terraforming to flatten some land and build an inclint to the second cliff. In order to unlock terraforming, the Island rating must be 3 stars, which I currently have 2 stars atm. Once I'm done, I'll invite Apollo over and Grizzly through Amiibo cards.

So far, the game is really good but I really hate how easily the tools break, which are a pain in the ass. But other than that, this game has pretty much taken my soul, and I have spent alot of hours on this game that I shouldn't, as I should be catching up for school. (^^;)


I was originally going to update the log daily but didn't for three reasons: 1) I was awfully lazy and didn't feel like it 2) I was spending a lot of time playing the game and forgot to do something and 3) the pacing of the game is reaaaaally slow compared to other games.

One thing I wasn't aware of is that the "introduction" of the game was going to last for about 7 days. This is because for the last 5 days, you are basically gathering stuff to build the houses for the villagers, building the Nook shop, waiting for the museum to be built, and (btw I am waiting for tomorrow for this to happen) getting the Town Hall built upgraded.

Compared to other games, this basically took forever. It also didn't help that I was listening to the same song for four days straight, so I can't wait to hear the hourly music once the town hall is completed.

Here's an overview of everything:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4/5:

Day 6:

Day 7:


I have the game today! However, it wasn't a very easy task as I was frantically worrying about if I was going to be able to get the game or not due to COVID-19, but I am very happy now knowing that I was one of the lucky first to get it quickly. I was originally planning on getting the game from Gamestop but hearing about how they wereforcing workers to keep the store open in areas that have shut down, I had decided against buying from them, even if it meant having to skip on the early release the before but it was worth it as I brought the game from Target and it COMES WITH A REALLY CUTE JOURNAL :D

All in all, today has been really great!!!!


Hello again! As my new adventure to New Horizons inches closer and closer, I thought it would be a cool idea to share what I created using thedodoairlines.compassport generator! I'm hoping that the game doesn't become delayed due to the virus going around.